Welcome to Arie Koning "Art of flowers". In his studio in the Dutch town of Alkmaar, Arie Koning (b. 1960) captures the essence of flowers. He invites you to experience the joy and energy in the deepest heart of the flower, as expressed in the light and colour of his paintings. 
In Russia, at a Moscow metro station, he came across a special technique used by artists in that country to soften the boundary between two colours. He subsequently adopted this technique as the basis for his own style. 
Guided by his feelings, Arie increasingly chose flowers as the focus of his work. Taking tulips, daffodils, gladioli and other flowers as his subjects, he shifted ever further from the actual form of the flowers, translating them instead into ethereal combinations of gossamer petals that seem to move across the canvas in an undulating flow of colour. Luminous transparency, depth and the use of bright colours characterise his work. In this way, Arie Koning has developed a style that is unique and immediately recognisable. 
Arie Koning’s work is expressionist, in a style that is completely individual. The colourful, abstract flower motifs are built up layer by layer in oils. He paints exclusively in oils and acrylics because of the intensity and warmth of the colours.  Please look for more.....
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